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"Food is the most consumed art in the world." - Kellie


Family, Friendship and Food

Family, Friendship and Food. The three F's. When you come in to our shop you will quickly realize that the three F's are a big part of who we are. You'll be met by family and friends, who are there to help you get your food. Yes, you may see kids playing and doing crafts in my shop, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We love talking with our customers and we truly enjoy sharing the art and love of food and pastry with them. We believe sharing food helps foster friendship and family.

"Don't play with your food!"

I never kept track of how many times I heard that phrase over the years, but it was a lot. My Dad was an immigrant and we ate very specific things. He enjoyed cooking and sharing food with others. There came a time when I started cooking for him; boy that was interesting. New foods weren't easy to accept. However, one day I was in the kitchen and had elected to make a healthy dessert in hopes he'd actually want to eat it verses prepackaged, unhealthy stuff. In my head I was fully prepared to hear him tell me to stop playing with the food. Only he was so surprised by the knife work and colorful fruits on the light cake that he was at a loss for words. It grew from there. Never again did he tell me not to play with food. In fact, he became the driving force behind me learning everything I could about food, pastry and decorating. He was my great champion, he believed in me and wished for me to open my own shop. He was sad when I didn't. I spent the next decade plus focused on my kids, other areas of art and caretaking.  My Father died in 2013.  Adapting to life without my champion and my phone a friend kitchen buddy has been so hard. Here we are five years later and I now own my own bakery cafe. So, if you hear Celtic Women in my shop or notice Irish recipes, just know that it's a way for me to keep my Dad with me during this journey. 

Looking Ahead

The Baker's Table Cafe and Bakery Boutique is just as unique and quirky as you'd expect from a local shop in Eureka Springs. We are in our very earliest stage right now, but with each day we are working towards bringing to life our vision. Delicious food in a unique and welcoming environment. Soon we will be showcasing the fantastic, whimsical watercolor work of local artist Holly Wescott. We also will be opening the boutique part of things in next few weeks. We are so happy and proud to be a part of such a wonderful community and enjoy the opportunity to learn something new from our amazing tourists and visitors.


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The Baker's Table Cafe and Bakery Boutique

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